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  • No profanity, no pornography, no material others would find offensive
    If in doubt, leave it out.
  • Keep it civil
    • No flaming, no insults, no slander, no "food fights"
      "Play nice" with each other.  We can disagree but do NOT get disagreeable
    • Treat each other with respect
  • Do not violate copyright
    • In our study group forums (you and) we
      • do discuss an author's works
      • do share our insights, experiences, and related information pertaining to that material
      • do not duplicate the author's works
    • If you exerpt material, keep it brief, cite your sources
    • Honor any license requirements by authors of the materials you want to share
      if they say don't share, then don't share.
  • Do not share proprietary information unless YOU own it. 
    • If it is a trade secret that you do not own, do not share it
  • When a study group does a "group study" of a specific author's work, in order to participate, you must satisfy at least one of the following:
    • You own a copy
    • You have legitimately borrowed a copy
      e.g. from a library, school or a friend; provided doing so does not violate license restrictions by the author
    • You have studied the material before via an owned or legimately borrowed copy
  • Do not "mine the forums" for business prospects
    • We are here to
      • Exchange ideas
      • Build our collective intelligence
      • Help each other
    • We are not here
      • To sell products -- ours or our affiliates
      • To SPAM people
      • To argue with people
      • To oftend people

ToastCoach reserves the right to

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  • Suspend forum privleges for repeat offenders or serious offenders
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